BIA-Chezy Champs.mp4

2023 - Bia

Our 2023 robot "Bia" competed in the Charged Up FRC game at the San Francisco and Silicon Valley Regionals, and the Calgames, Capital City Classic, and Madtown Throwdown off-season events. Bia was a semifinalist at San Francisco, Finalist at Calgames, and Winner at Madtown Throwdown! 

Bia uses a double-jointed arm with a roller intake to quickly pick cubes and cones from the ground or player stations and place them into all of the scoring locations. 

The roller intake design is inspired by the Everybot and 973's robot reveal, but swaps in larger squish wheels for greater tolerance to game piece misalignment. 

The double jointed arm is built on Rev MAXSplines with bushings riding on 3/4"x1/8" aluminum tube deadaxles. The shoulder is powered by two Falcon 500 motors on MaxPlanetaries, and the elbow uses 1 Falcon 500 on another MaxPlanetary. We use a statemachine to travel between different possible arm poses, including intermediate poses defined to prevent collisions. 

Bia's "West Coast Drive" tank drivebase is geared to go a snappy 16 feet per second using 2 NEO motors per side, on 5" grey rubber Colson wheels. Bia uses an additional pneumatic brake to prevent rolloff after the robot is disabled. We use a PS5 controller for human input, via an arcade drive control scheme with additional smoothing called ChezyDrive. 

Bia's code is publicly available at